About Me:


I was born and raised in Southern California, and have lived there for most of my life. I really started snowboarding when I was older, around 15, but I was hooked; I wanted to snowboard all the time and progress as much as I could. When I was 17, my parents let me move up to Mammoth to finish high school and snowboard as much as possible. Over the next few years with the help of my coach Ben Wisner and my sponsors (especially Betty Rides!) I was able to learn more tricks and travel to more competitions. I love everything about snowboarding, especially hitting big jumps! Because of snowboarding, I have gotten to see some beautiful places, most recently Switzerland, Oregon, and New Zealand. This year, I just want to ride as hard and as well as I can, as much as I can! I want to work on throwing bigger tricks, as well as being more consistent in competitions. If you are ever in Mammoth, stop by and say hello, I’m the one in the green helmet! Or if you have a Twitter, please follow me, as I have very few followers. :]