So the season is pretty much halfway over and I am just now learning how to update my website! Oops! Now that I’m more on top of things, I’ll try to post more regularly. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s going to be a lot going on for a while. I was able to qualify for the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, which was very exciting! Sadly, in practice I broke my hand and wrist in four different places and needed surgery. I also hurt my back pretty badly, but thankfully I am up and hobbling around now. I will know more from the doctors about when I can snowboard again on friday, but unfortunately, I’m pretty sure Grand Prix and US Open are out of the question. I’m especially sad about the US Open, as I won a spot into qualifiers by coming first in the Mammoth Burton Pro-Test earlier this year.

This season was going pretty great until I got injured in Oslo. In addition to winning the Burton Pro-test, I came second in the Mt. High Nike Chosen earlier that weekend (burliest course EVER! Mt. High truly did a great job with that!). After the Pro-Test, I fell and hurt my back, but I was so close to being #1 on the TTR slopestlye that I drove over to Northstar. I wasn’t feeling great, but my safety run got me through to finals and was good enough for fifth, bumping me into that number one spot for a while! I also placed fifth at the Triple Air a couple weeks ago. To top it off, I recently won week one for the Roxy Shooting Star Contest. Here’s the link to watch the video and read about it. Check it out and leave a comment…I was particularly flattered by Yoshi’s remark that I have a “vag of steel”. I would have liked to have filmed a lot and submitted a new video with new tricks every week, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now.

It’s always sad getting hurt, especially when you were looking forward to doing a bunch of events. My new plan for the rest of the season is to rest up for a few weeks, then come back stronger than ever, ride AWESOMELY at Ms Superpark (hopefully I get an invite again this year!), and AWESOMELY at Volcom’s PBRJ finals. And then train all summer and come back to do more comps! I should probably add drinking more milk somewhere in there as well, to avoid anymore broken bones.

Hopefully I’ll be back on my board very soon, and there will be more to type about (PS-Typing is weirdly hard when you can just use your left hand!).

Until next time,



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