Life In The Cast Lane

Hey Everyone! I have been off the hill and in a pretty intense brace for less than a week and already I am sooo over it! Using my left hand for everything is so inconvenient. I’m slowly adapting, but I still can’t figure out how to zip up a jacket or put my hair in a pony tail with just one hand. I have five weeks left until I can snowboard again, so I have some time to figure it out.

One thing that cheered me up the other day was this photo my friend, future photography legend Riley Snyder, sent me. It’s a shot from Windells this summer, and it got me super excited for shredding there again in June!

Thanks for the shot, Riley!

I also got some footage from my friend John Lemieux. A few weeks ago he joined me for a couple cruisy laps through South Park in Mammoth. Hopefully the park will be just as good when I come back-I’m really looking forward to cleaning up my tricks and learning some new ones!



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